Winter Inspired Bridal Portraits

Here at McAlister-Leftwich, we are in the holiday spirit! Thanksgiving was a blast and now, we’re ready to celebrate all things holiday! With that, comes the magical time of winter. If you don’t live in North Carolina, let us fill you in… it’s not always cold during the winter. We can have days that are in the 60’s and the next day it’s snowing! But, even with the wild weather, we LOVE winter. Those cold days with the crisp air can be so inspiring! 

Today we are going to look at a bridal session that was inspired by winter! Stephanie and her photographer, A.J Dunlap, utilized the Dixon room, the Connector Hall, and both McAlister and Leftwich’s porches to capture the most beautiful and fun winter bridal session.

Look at these clean and crisp colors in Stephanie’s flowers! How gorgeous are they?! Combining the deep reds, whites, and greenery it’s a sophisticated bouquet that really captures the warmth that winter can bring. In addition, can we take a moment to appreciate that cape? Just wow! The details are everything!

Stephanie chose to include family photos in her bridal session. This is such a special touch to pay tribute to loved ones. The way the vintage photo contrasts with the stark white of Stephanie’s dress & the connector hall is stunning! 

The Connector Hall is a favorite spot of our brides and couples. This hall connects McAlister and Leftwich and features floor to ceiling windows and classic black and white checkered floors. The windows allow for the most stunning natural light to flood this space! You can see why it’s a favorite of our clients.

Remember how winter in North Carolina isn’t always freezing? Well, the perk of that is that you can still utilize the gorgeous porches of McAlister & Leftwich! Stephanie traded her cape for a white fur shawl to keep her warm. 

One of the best things about having two porches is that you are able to have beautiful outdoor photos in two locations. Fun fact, the McAlister porch is a great place for your bridal party because it is the longer and wider of the two porches. Leftwich is perfect for your couple portraits as it’s more intimate. Each has special historical details that create the most beautiful backdrop for any photo.

We just loved Stephanie’s bridal portraits! A.J Dunlap, her photographer, captured her beauty, excitement, and fun personality perfectly!

If you’re looking for a location for your bridal portraits, we’d be honored to host you! You have access to both homes, included our beautiful bridal suite! If you’re looking for some more inspiration, head over to our Instagram, @mcalisterleftwich, to see how clients and photographers have captured magical moments throughout the entire property!

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