Refined Southern hospitality.

Greensboro's historic downtown boutique wedding & event venue.

The McAlister-Leftwich House is a beautiful venue comprised of two homes, nestled on the edge of Fisher Park Historic District and downtown Greensboro.

With a rich history spanning more than 100 years, the McAlister-Leftwich House has been transformed into a boutique wedding and event venue that can accommodate up to 150 guests. 

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The Gant-McAlister House is a prime example of the transition from Queen Anne to Colonial Revival style architecture. The house was built in 1915 for the Gant family, who lived there for 31 years, and then sold to the McAlister's in 1949. Dr. McAlister was a prominent Greensboro pediatrician and was involved in the rehabilitation of young men in and out of prison. The house was then given to First Presbyterian Church, and when it no longer suited their needs, it was saved and moved to 507 N Church St. by Ms. Anne Carlson.

Est. 1914

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The Dixon-Leftwich-Murphy House is one of three notable Gothic Revival-inspired designs in Greensboro. Nurseryman Martin C. Dixon built the house on a large parcel of land in the northernmost section of the city in 1875. The house sold in 1887 to Colonel A. H. Leftwich. In 1903 the house was purchased by T. J. and Annie Leftwich-Murphy. Murphy was twice mayor of Greensboro. In more recent years, the house has served as apartments, an antique shop, an office space, and now, a special event venue.

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National Landmark | Est. 1875

Kaitlin first stumbled across the property online in July 2016, just a week before her daughter was born. She shared the dream with Clay and Cheryl and, when Lucy was just 10 days old, the trio toured the property. Their love for the property and the homes grew, and after 11 months of hard work, countless meetings with their team, the Historic Preservation Office, Fisher Parker Neighborhood Association, and the City of Greensboro, they purchased the property in July 2017 from Genuity Concepts, Inc.

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Est. 2017




Kaitlin Holland is the Owner and Marketing Director of McAlister-Leftwich House and Founder of The School of Styling. She lives in Greensboro with her husband and Co-Owner, Clay, and her babies Lucy & James.

Kaitlin graduated from Elon University with a degree in Art and quickly discovered her love for entrepreneurship. After starting a successful vintage rental company in 2012 (and later selling it in 2015), Kaitlin saw a need for a training environment that served the creative entrepreneur as a whole. So, she created The School of Styling to provide women a place to build business and creative confidence.

In 2016 she came across McAlister-Leftwich House online. She quickly fell in love with the property and she, along with Cheryl and Clay, began to dream up what this beautiful place could be.

Now she spends her days connecting the message and beauty of McAlister-Leftwich with people who value Southern hopsitality, heirloom details, and celebrating big life moments.


Greensboro, North Carolina native Katie Clay is a part of our McAlister-Leftwich Team as our Venue Sales Manager. With five years of experience in the fast-paced event and planning industry, she helps slow things down to bring all your event visions to life with details big and small. Katie loves to manage all types of events from intricate weddings to elaborate corporate conferences and everything in between!

When Katie is not giving a tour of the venue, you can find her spending time with her husband, Adam, and beautiful two kids. She has a philosophy of sharing nothing but transparency and joy when meeting with new clients. We hope you'll get to meet her soon on a tour of the property for your next event!

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Cheryl moved to Greensboro, NC from Raleigh, NC in 2017 after she, Kaitlin and Clay purchased the McAlister-Leftwich House. She is a graduate of North Carolina State University.

Cheryl is the Venue & Logistics Manager at the McAlister-Leftwich House. She keeps the houses and property looking immaculate and works closely with our clients and their vendors to help their events run smoothly.

She loves spending her days at McAlister-Leftwich House, visiting her kids in Raleigh and Charlotte, and playing with her grand babies Lucy and James!

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