Three Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Floor Plan

Three are many things to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. One of the most logistical decisions is what your floor plan looks like. While this can be stressful, we have three tips to help you navigate the process!

Flow of Your Wedding

The first thing to think about is, how do you want your wedding to flow? Would you like guests to transition from indoor to outdoors? Do you want guests to experience the ceremony and reception in the same location? Or would you like to utilize multiple locations?

Thinking through this is important because it will immediately create a few natural options based on your needs and wants, and it will immediately nix a few other options. Narrowing down your options is important!
It also helps to keep in mind the potential weather as you think about the flow of your wedding.

Venue Recommendations

Talk to your venue! Share your dream floor plan and let them help curate it to fit the venue. While you may have one set vision as you go through the venue, know that you may need to adjust. Your venue has held many, many weddings and knows what will work and what won’t work as well. When you want something that your venue knows won’t create a good guest experience, trust them! They know and they have your best interests in mind.

The venue will be able to help you as you create your dream day! Also, most venues recommend specific planners or coordinators. They do this because those vendors have worked at the venue before and know the venue. Find out if your vendor has worked at the venue before. It’s worth it to have someone who has so they are more comfortable with the venue and can help you execute your vision in the best way possible.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

Think through the guest experience! This include guest count, time of year, and other small details that can make or break your day. If your ideal layout doesn’t work with the amount of people you have, pivot! You won’t regret it. You may need to pivot if your guest count is too large for a specific layout or if you need to adjust based on weather. Always be sure to think about your guests experience and if they’ll be able to relax. Because while it’s your big day, you want to accommodate to your guests as much as possible!

We hope these three tips help you as you navigate planning your day! For more inspiration, head to our Instagram @mcalisterleftwich for more insipration!

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