Specialty “Wow Factor” Rentals with Greenhouse Picker Sisters in Raleigh, NC

We’re excited to have Chelsea Head of the Greenhouse Picker Sisters on the blog today talking all about how to create a “wow factor” with specialty rentals! She’s sharing three ways to incorporate unique pieces into your next wedding or event. 

When planning your wedding, there are so many decisions you need to make for your big day that often times, all of those decisions can become overwhelming. But one part of your wedding that doesn’t have to be overwhelming is your specialty rentals! Specialty rentals, or what we like to call “wow factor” rentals, are those unique pieces that aren’t necessarily needed on your big day like plates and glasses are, but they help create a moment that you and your guests will always remember. At Greenhouse Picker Sisters we love to create experiences for you and your guests, that either invoke a certain feeling or create a warm space for you to enjoy with all of your loved ones.

We suggest focusing on three “wow factor” areas for your event that will really bring your style and your personality to your big day. Whether that is with a sweet lounge space for guests to relax and enjoy themselves, an awesome dessert or favor display to showcase your favorite treats/gifts, or a fun head table to spoil the special people in your life who came to celebrate you! Let’s dive into three possible options for fun rentals.

The first would be a lounge space for your cocktail hour or reception. Lounge spaces are a great area for your guests to enjoy during the wedding. Soft seating, coffee tables, and comfy pillows are perfect for hanging out, chatting with other guests, and just relaxing with some drinks and snacks. Older guests always love soft seating options, but it’s also a great space to take a break from the dance floor or to have a conversation away from your seat for dinner! There are also all kinds of lounge styles! From vintage furniture, neutral linen pieces, or plush velvet seating, the options are endless! We love when clients choose furniture to represent their personalities or unique styles!

Another fun “wow factor” for your big day would be a unique way to display your desserts or favors for your guests! We love when our clients come up with fun and different ways to showcase their desserts, favors, or memory table. Our Hanging Table and Trolley Cart are two pieces that are perfect for your “wow factor” display! Both pieces are unique, fun, and definitely non-traditional. The Hanging Table is the best piece to showcase your delicious desserts and wedding cake. Your guests will definitely remember a hanging table showcasing your treats! The Trolley Cart brings a fun, whimsical vibe to your favors or treats. Place it near the exit so your guests can grab their favors on the way out or a fun snack at the end of the night!

The last “wow factor” idea that we really love are sweetheart or head tables! Whether you want to sit alone with your partner or with all of your wedding party, there is no wrong way to do it. We love when couples want an intimate space for just the two of them, with a cool table and a fun upholstered loveseat or chair. Head tables are a way to showcase all of the people that are closet to you and to show that they are also special on your big day. You can use a couple of farm tables at the front of your reception to really enjoy your wedding party and all of your best friends.

Specialty rentals are all about incorporating your own style, personality, and design into your big day. You want your wedding to really showcase you and your partner and the love that you two share and specialty rentals are the perfect way to do that!

Photo 1: Ally & Bobby | Photo 2: Shalyn Nelson | Photo 3: Nicole Moering | Photo 4&5: Hartmann Outdoor Photography

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