The Connector Hall

We love this little hall. It is the space that sees first looks, creative visions come to life, and greets guests as they meander from one home to another. It’s quite a special space.

This connector hall was added when the McAlister House was moved to 507 N Church Street to join the Leftwich House. When the current owners purchased the home, they had a specific vision for this connector hall. A bright and traditional space that would be the backdrop to many events, photos, and memories. Between the black and white floors to the floor to ceiling windows, we can’t get enough! And honestly, neither can our clients.

We’ve seen some incredible things happen within these walls. Let’s take a look at some uses for our connector hall.

Bridal Portraits

One of our most used space for bridal portraits is the connector hall and for obvious reason. It’s the perfect space to let the bride shine because the space just enhances the beauty of the bride. Another reason why it’s the best space for bridals? You don’t need to bring anything to enhance the space. It is perfect as is, just add the bride!

First Look

Ah, the beauty of a first look! It deserves all the beauty, the focus, and the privacy. Meeting your love in the connector hall means just that. You’re able to close the doors to Leftwich House to have the privacy you want when seeing your love on your wedding day. And the beauty? Well that is just built into the hall.

Celebration with Your Bridal Party

This needs to happen more often, don’t you think? We love how these two utilized the connector hall to capture such a sweet celebration with their bridal party! Who doesn’t love a cheer tunnel?

Seating Chart Display

With Gant room right off of the connector hall, it’s the ideal location for your seating chart display. Guests easily have access to the seating chart without creating a traffic jam! Imagine, your guests are trickling in from Leftiwch House after cocktail hour. They walk through the beautiful connector hall, see your gorgeous seating chart, and are invited into the reception in Gant. It’s just the perfect location for an invitation to celebrate!

Floral Inspiration

Oh my! This is one of the most creative floral displays these walls have ever seen! Carnations from wall to wall from white to dark red with candles illuminating them from within… do you need anything else? This statement was the backdrop for the couples first look, the guests entrance into the reception, and family portraits.

Details, Details, Details

Photographers, florists, and other creatives find this hallway to be one of inspiration. We see details of all kinds photographed here. From invitation suites to cakes, this hallway creates a space for any detail to shine.

While this hallway is full of beautiful images, the most important thing is that it’s full of so many beautiful memories. Do you have a favorite memory in this gorgeous hallway?

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