Spaces We Love: The Bridal Suite

People often ask, “What makes McAlister-Leftwich special?” And y’all, there’s a list a mile long about what makes this space so special. But, one of our favorite answers is the Bridal Suite. On site, spacious, BEAUTIFUL, and there’s a room dedicated to timeless photos? Yes, please. 

This space has been a project of love. Cheryl and Kaitlin sourced and drove near and far to get the furniture, Cheryl & Clay took turns getting the glue off of the floor from the carpet that was there, and each detail was intentionally chosen to create the perfect space for our brides.

The Sitting Room

The Sitting Room is intended for you and your bridesmaids to have a space to put your belongings so you are able to get ready without tripping over your bags! There are custom hooks for your girls’ dresses and a special space to hang your dress. Fun fact about those hooks, the wooden board that the hooks are attached to are old molding from Gant! The sitting room also has a steamer for your use.

The Dressing Room

If you’ve been scrolling through our Instagram, you’re sure to have seen our beautiful Dressing Room. This room was designed for that perfect photo of you zipping up your gown, a loved one helping put on your shoes, or a first look with family and friends. That beautiful gold mirror was sourced from a local family owned consignment shop. Time and time again our brides and their families are stunned by the beauty and light that pours into this room!

The Dining Room

We love the Dining Room! We love the functionality and beauty of this room. The beautiful chandelier was sourced from an estate in South Carolina that Cheryl drove to pick up. And we can’t forget about that buffet! The buffet showcases a mimosa bar quite beautifully if we do say so ourselves. Feel free to bring your own food to munch on while getting ready. Relax, eat, drink, and laugh while getting ready for your big day!

Blue Barn Photography

The Hair and Makeup Room

A unique feature that we are proud to offer is our Hair and Makeup Room. This room is dedicated to getting ready and provides great lighting, mirrors, and chairs. Honestly, this room is a game changer while getting ready. It was a non-negotiable while renovating that we have a space dedicated to hair and makeup. You deserve to feel pampered on your big day and we believe this room does just that.

Finally, we’d be remised if we didn’t mention everyone’s favorite pink chaise lounge! If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ve seen our clients captured so beautifully on this chaise. It has definitely become a staple of our Bridal Suite.

We are so proud to offer this space for you on your day. We believe it sets the tone and helps create a relaxing environment while you and your girls get ready! What’s your favorite room in the Bridal Suite?

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