Spaces We Love: The Groom’s Suite

Oh, the Groom’s Suite! How we love you so! It’s a space to relax, get ready, and have some fun.

When Cheryl & Kaitlin first laid eyes on the property there was a clear flow. Each room had a purpose and there was a vision. From the intimate ceremonies in Dixon to the larger parties in Gant. From the purpose of the Bridal Suite to the beauty of the Connector Hall. When walking up the stairs to the third floor of McAlister, the space told them what it needed to be: The Groom’s Suite. With a private entrance, a space to get steam suits and get ready, a space to relax, and a space to play… it was perfect! The two of them transformed this space into something truly special for our grooms and a space we are proud to offer. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite features of this space!

The Sitting Room

This room is where you and your groomsmen can steam your suits and get dressed. This room features two beautiful leather chairs and an antique dresser. The suites private bathroom is also off of this room.

The Upstairs

Walking up the stairs, you’ll find yourself in the main room in our Groom’s Suite. The lounge feel welcomes you in and you are able to immediately relax. We know it’s an exciting day, we designed this space to help you prepare and even get some nerves out with mini golf!

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