Spooky Spider Halloween Decor

When decorating for Halloween, we like to keep it simple, yet impactful. That’s why when we saw these massive black spiders, we knew we had found the perfect thing for this spooky season! They are from Amazon (shop below!) and we ended up getting two packs, one large duo pack and one pack of mixed sizes. I love the variation the different packs provides, and next year I’m already planning to snag another pair of the largest spider. They were super simple to install – all you need is exterior command hooks (linked below) and they will stay up through heat, rain, pretty much all the elements. We did find we had to secure them directly to trim or windows for extra security, although they did well on the painted brick, too.

What do you think? Would you add these spooky spiders to your home? Quick – there’s still time to grab them!

Photography by Liz Grogan

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