Outdoors at The McAlister-Leftwich House

Here in Greensboro, we are hunkering down for one of our few true weeks of winter. If you live in NC, you know what we’re talking about! All of this cold has us dreaming of warmer days. At McAlister-Leftwich that can only mean one thing… events on the lawn! Ceremonies, receptions, photos… anything and everything belongs on our lawn. Today we’re going to get inspired by looking back on just some of the beautiful events that have taken place on the grounds of the McAlister-Leftwich House.

Outdoor Ceremonies

We talk a lot about our three incredible locations for outdoor ceremonies, in front of Leftwich, the Garden Nook, and the Tree Line. But, we do that for good reason. These locations create some of the most beautiful backdrops for your ceremony. If you’re new here let me introduce you to our outdoor ceremony locations!

Outdoor Receptions

Imagine this… you’re sitting outside, surrounded by your favorite people, you have a drink in your hand, music in the background, under the twinkle of bistro lights. Sounds magical, right? We think so, too.

Some really magical moments happen on the lawn. I think it’s because you can truly make it a unique experience for your guests based on what works for you. One of those events is your reception. With the choice of dining in front of McAlister House or Leftwich House, the feeling is the same, an intimate outdoor reception with a beautiful backdrop. If you choose this option, we highly suggest bistro lights. Why? Well, if you’re planning to party into the night, it’s the perfect way to light up the lawn. Also, we love how they help create such a magical moment for you and your guests. Here are just a few receptions that have taken place on our lawn.

Bridal Portraits

Finally, we can’t forget about all of the beautiful bridal portraits that have been captured on the lawn. Using McAlister or Leftwich as the backdrop, the porches, the beautiful foliage, or all of it at once, you can’t go wrong. There are so many textures and colors to explore… it’s a photographers dream!

What do you think? What is your favorite event that has happened on the lawn?

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head to our Instagram @mcalisterleftwich!

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