Introducing Grace Jones of Joneswell Flowers

In case you missed it, we have welcomed the incredibly talented Grace to the McAlister-Leftwich team! She is our new in house florist. While she may be new to this position, she’s worked at McAlister-Leftwich over the past few years with Andraya, our previous in house florist. While we will miss Andraya when she moves, we know Grace is ready to make each couple’s dream come true!

Let’s get to know Grace a little better!

What does your role as our in-house florist entail?
As the in-house florist at McAlister-Leftwich, I get to be one of the first in line to serve the venue’s amazing couples. I work with them to curate a floral design that celebrates their love and vision – you can’t get much dreamier than that. I know the spaces well, from the hidden fireplaces to the large bay windows to the impressive porches, and I love to create flower moments that evoke positive and romantic feelings in each. I strive to create a proposal that the couples are excited about the design and comfortable with their investment. Everyone deserves a wedding dream come true, and I am honored to do that for many of the couples that wed at McAlister-Leftwich, and all across the region.

What is your favorite room in McAlester-Leftwich?
Is anybody’s favorite room not Dixon? It’s so romantic and so versatile. The bay window is perfect for intimate ceremonies, lavish installations behind the bar, and cozy lounges to get away from the hubbub. Plus, that mantel! Oh, that mantel…

What is your favorite part about designing weddings?
Though not technically part of the design, my favorite part of a wedding is the quiet studio at the beginning of the week. It’s fresh and clean, ready to welcome the hundreds or thousands of stems whose sole purpose is to come together to create beauty for two people’s wedding day. It’s a magical moment full of possibility, anticipation, and truly, profound gratitude

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t designing weddings?
When I’m not designing weddings, I love to spend time with my husband, Matt, and our two scruffy pups, Otis and Melva. We like to go on walks (thanks to their recent training!) and play with a tennis ball or random sticks Melva finds on her solo traveling through the backyard. In addition, I love cooking new recipes from Half Baked Harvest, watching Jeopardy! or gardening YouTube videos, and placing holds on books from the library that I always forget to pick up.

Florals: Joneswell Flowers

Photography: Liz Grogan Photography

Styling: Kaitlin Holland

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