McAlister-Leftwich House’s Versatility for Your Event

Here at McAlister-Leftwich House, we know you aren’t all planning a wedding. You may be planning a shower or a charity event. You may not be planning anything, in that case, we’re still so glad you’re here! Today, we wanted to show you four ways to use our space, that aren’t weddings!

Something that we love about our space, and take pride in, is the historic nature of the homes. Built in 1875 and 1915, they weren’t built with a venue in mind. Instead, they were built for living daily life, building small businesses, and even teaching young children! Over the years, both McAlister and Leftwich have hosted many events and served many different purposes. Because of that, there are smaller rooms, more details, and lots of fireplaces. Those elements create an intimate space that can hold up to 100 people, but can easily be used for smaller gatherings and still feel full of life, beauty, and charm.

So, let’s get to it! Here are four ways for you to use McAlister-Leftwich that aren’t weddings!

Styled Shoots

It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, a designer, a planner, or a cake artist. If you have a vision for a photo shoot, you will be able to find a space that will highlight your vision, not distract from it. We’ve seen so many incredibly talented creatives come through the doors of McAlister-Leftwich. Each time they do, they bring a different perspective, interpretation, and style to the space.

Isn’t this botanical inspired styled shoot just beautiful?! 

Capturing Life’s Special Occasions

We love having families, friends, couples, and businesses come to capture a special moment here! No need to bring in any decor, the space speaks for itself! We’ve seen first birthday photo shoots, family sessions, and more!

Here are some from a sweet anniversary session!

Bridal & Baby Shower

We love hosting more intimate events! A shower is the perfect way to use any of our rooms. From the beautiful Dixon room to our larger room Gant, the space works well for groups of many sizes. The beauty of a shower here is that you can make it as simple or detailed as you’d like. We provide the backdrop of the homes and you dress it up! Renting beautiful furniture, using flowers or balloons, or just keeping it understated, the guest of honor will feel celebrated no matter what!

Here is a fun shower that was thrown for a mother to be! The host brought in all of the furniture and we think it compliments the Dixon room beautifully.

Workshops and Events

Over the years, we’ve hosted a handful of workshops. There are many pros to hosting workshops, especially creative workshops, at McAlister-Leftwich House. The different size rooms cater to break out sessions and smaller classes. Each room also is an opportunity for guests to gather in a more intimate setting to foster creativity and community. 

Here are some photos from The School of Styling, a workshop held here that caters to creative small business owners.

We hope this inspired you! Our goal is to be a space (either physical or on the internet) for inspiration and creativity. Your inspiration and creativity brings life to these hundred year old homes and we are so grateful for that!

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