Friday Introductions: Meet Cheryl Briley

Today, we are back with another post in our Friday Introductions series! We’ve asked Co-Owner Cheryl Briley to share more about who she is and what her role is here. We know you’ll love the MLH “mama” as much as we do!


What is your role at McAlister-Leftwich House?

I’m the Co-Owner and Operations Director at McAlister-Leftwich House. I often refer to myself as the “behind the scenes girl”! You may not notice what I do upon just looking around,  but you would surely notice if I didn’t do it! I take care of the property to ensure it is ready for our clients. The upkeep of the 134-year-old and 104-year-old houses are neverending but at the same time, amazing that they are such solid homes! I also run the operations of each event as well as the day-to-day. On a daily basis you may even see me installing blinds or hauling in rugs, because, yes, I like to do it myself! I guess you could just call me the McAlister-Leftwich mama!

What excites you about coming to work each day?

When I walk into this incredibly beautiful place each day, I am in awe that I have been blessed with this opportunity. The history that is evident in every wall, every glass pane and every squeak of the floor continues to amaze me!  Being an entrepreneur at heart, I love the challenges, the opportunity for success (or learning from mistakes!) and the ability to use my creativity in such a unique space. What’s not to love about coming here every day!?!

If you had to pick your favorite room in the houses, which one would you pick and why?

Wow. Favorite room?? If I have to pick, I will have to say the Hallway, which is not technically a room, but a favorite of mine! We were able to bring in our vision to that area without much restriction. We chose the beautiful marble black and white floor that reflects beautifully off the corridor of windows. The chandelier is a simple yet elegant statement that beautifully illuminates the area in the evening. What was once carpeted and full of bookshelves is now an open and tranquil hall for guests to transition through the houses or to capture beautiful bridal portraits.

What is it like working with your daughter?!

If you told me 10 years ago that I would be working with my oldest daughter so closely, I would have thought you were crazy! I think back those days of the teenage high school girl! But in the 10 years, I am not sure who has changed more, Kaitlin or myself. Either way, we changed and the result is incredible. It is every mother’s dream (or at least mine) to work with their children. I have been blessed with my life stages to end up in Greensboro working closely with her, but better yet, seeing my grandbabies on a daily basis! We have learned to give much grace to each other. It is the only thing that makes it work! Now, if only I could get my other daughter and son to move here so I could work with them every day too!

What do you spend your time doing when you’re not working?

I am just getting settled into Greensboro. I moved here in November 2017, shortly after we embarked on this journey. I lived in Raleigh for 40 years where I graduated from NC State and raised my family. So when I am not at the venue or with Lucy and James, you may find me on the road back to Raleigh to attend my book club of 20 years or having dinner with my son, Hampton who is attending NC State! If I am not headed east, I am headed south to Charlotte to see my baby girl Sydney and her husband, Shawn. She is a 3rd-grade teacher in CMS and does incredible work with her kids! I love to ride my bike and have done the MS Ride in New Bern several times. So I guess the short answer is, you will never find me at home!


We’ll be back next week to introduce you to our Sales Manager, Katie Clay! If you missed last week’s post, you can “meet” Kaitlin Holland here.

Photography by Ally & BobbyBlue Barn & Amanda Castle

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