Friday Introductions: Meet Kaitlin Holland

Over the next few weeks, we are going to introduce you to the McAlister-Leftwich House team with a new Friday Introduction series! First up is Kaitlin Holland, Co-Owner and Marketing & Sales Director here. We’ve asked her a few questions about working at the venue…including what it’s really like to work with her mom, Cheryl!

What is your role at McAlister-Leftwich House?

I’m the Co-Owner and the Marketing & Sales Director at McAlister-Leftwich House. Day-to-day, I create engaging content for the blog and social media, plan monthly community events, work closely with our Sales Manager, Katie, on refining our sales process, and do big vision dreaming and planning for what we hope and pray McAlister-Leftwich House can be and then work to communicate and execute that. While there are consistent parts of my job, there’s so much room for both strategic thinking and creativity (my two favorite things to do!), so no two days look or feel the same!

What excites you about coming to work each day?

It’s still so surreal and humbling that we get to steward the McAlister-Leftwich House. Every day I pull up and it’s not lost on me what a gift this is! Other than having heart-eyes for the venue every day, I think the ability to work closely with a team of people I love, doing work that I love, in a place that I love is my favorite part.

If you had to pick your favorite room in the houses, which one would you pick and why?

Oh man…this is a tough one!!! There are so many unique spaces that I love and it feels like you’re asking me to choose a favorite child! I know it gets a lot of show time (and rightly so), but I think the Dixon Room with the bay window is my favorite. Between the tall ceilings, the thick molding, and the unique architecture, it was one of the selling points for me when I first saw the property.

Other than the Dixon Room, I have to say I really, really love the Dining Room in the Bridal Suite. We decorated it in beautiful antique pieces that have a warm, rose-gold glow and it makes my heart happy to sit in there.

What’s your favorite McAlister-Leftwich House memory so far?

I feel like we’ve had so many amazing moments and events, it’s truly hard to pick just one. Our Grand Opening Party was a wonderful evening and the first time we hosted something that size at the venue! Not only that, but it was to celebrate the venue. People came from all over North Carolina to see the property and support us. It was so humbling that we had so many friends, family, clients, and members of the community excited about what we had been working so hard on! It was also the first moment I was able to breathe – more or less – after what was a long and trying renovation/permitting process. It felt like the beginning of a much-anticipated next phase for us and for the venue.

And because everyone is wondering…what is it really like to work with your mom?! 

We get asked about this all of the time. People are shocked that we work so closely together, but really, I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Cheryl (or as we call her, Cheri) is the one that holds everything together most days. Whether she’s at McAlister-Leftwich or at my house watching my babies, she’s always willing to go the extra mile (or one hundred miles) to make my life easier. We are a great team because while we approach work differently and have different ideas, but we both share a vision for the venue, which aligns us on all big decisions. If I don’t see her one day it’s considered abnormal and we never really take (or need) a break from one another! (We spend so much time together we oftentimes show up wearing the same outfit…)

What do you spend your time doing when you’re not working?

I spend most of my time with my two precious kids, Lucy is 2.5 and James is 3 months old. Two littles take up most of my energy, so most days you’ll find me changing diapers, building forts, and making snacks when I’m not at the venue! I also love watching my husband, Clay, play golf, working on house projects (aka PURGING the house), spending time with my community at Mercy Hill Church, and exploring new coffee shops and restaurants in Greensboro!

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