Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Spring Dinner

We are experiencing a few days of gorgeous weather and are hoping it’s here to stay!

There’s something about the newness of the season that seems to bring out creativity that was hiding away during winter. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the warm weather and exercise that creativity is through hosting friends!

Today, I’m going to share three tips for hosting your outdoor dinner party this spring. The images in this post are from The School of Styling at McAlister-Leftwich. While this event was during the summer, there are some really great takeaways we can implement for a spring evening!

1. Keep your guests warm as the temperatures cool off. 

While spring is definitely getting warmer, the evenings can still be cool. There’s nothing worse than having uncomfortable guests, so be sure to encourage your friends to bring layers as the dinner will be outdoors! If you want to go a step beyond sending a reminder, consider having some throws or scarves out for guests to cuddle up under as the evening gets cooler.

2. Use candles to create the perfect glow.

Don’t forget to light your table! While the dinner may begin under the sun, chances are the sun will set before your guests leave. You don’t want the evening to end just because it’s dark. Bistro lights are another great option, but they are not always possible for everyone, but candles are. Taper, pillar, votive…choose your favorite (or mix and match!) and provide a warm glow to light your dinner.

3. Serve food indoors.

I love an outdoor dinner party more than most. But what I don’t love is food that has melted under the heat, acquired some accidental bugs, or cooled off too quickly from being outdoors. Keeping food inside makes it easy for you, as the host, to not have to worry about getting everything cleaned up as soon as it’s served as well as preserving the food longer!

We hope this was helpful as you plan your spring gatherings! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The company is what makes it memorable!

Photography by Love, The Nelsons

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