Hosting A Meaningful Bridesmaid’s Luncheon

Believe it or not, a meaningful Bridal Luncheon (or also referred to as a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon) doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect – gasp! Although the images from our collaboration in our Bridal Suite Dining Room with Frapps & Frills, Rachel Linder, Gal Meets Glam, Andraya Northrup, and The Prettiest Pieces definitely is worthy of all those pins (which you can do straight from the blog – wink, wink), that’s not what’s truly important. What’s important is that you celebrate and thank the women who have walked a lot of life with you – right?!

With social media and Pinterest comes a pressure for things to appear a certain way, especially if that thing has to do with your wedding. There’s just as much pressure on the maid of honor or bridesmaids to host a beautiful shower as there is on the bride to spoil her girls the weekend of the wedding. Have you heard the phrase “outdo one another with honor?” It’s definitely not a bad sentiment when done with the right motivation! But it can be stressful nonetheless.

So today I’m here to give you three ingredients to make a Bridal/Bridesmaids’ Luncheon meaningful, not just beautiful.

People over Photos

For those of you who love visually beautiful events and spaces (I’m raising my hand over here!), this can be a hard one. Instead of considering how well something will photograph or look on social media, think about how your guests will experience it. Consider all senses as you pull together plans for your luncheon – what will they hear when they walk in? What will they see? What smells will fill the air? What materials (linens, upholstered furniture, etc) will they encounter? At the end of the day, your photos will be more special if they are full of life and true enjoyment!

Care for your people

Yes, you’re going to see a trend in this post…people matter the most! Think through ways you can thoughtfully host your luncheon. Maybe that’s requesting food allergies before the day and having special meals for those with sensitivities. Or maybe it’s incorporating things you know your friends love through a small gift or experience (like a frosé machine from 1618 On Location or hand-spun cotton candy). This is your chance to thank the ladies that have walked alongside of you for months! If you pay attention to the details, they will notice and feel extremely well cared for.

Plan ahead and be present

You will have so, so much going on the weeks leading up to your wedding and it can be easy to feel rushed at the last minute. Don’t let your Bridal Luncheon be the thing you skimp on! Plan ahead so you can dedicate time and energy to your girls. They will appreciate the time you spend thinking of them and their experience! (But on the flip side, they can spot a rush job when they see it.)

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