3 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

A smaller wedding certainly does not mean that your big day will be any less special! In fact, we have found 3 reasons to actually have a smaller wedding.

1. Personal Touch

A smaller guest count will make your guests feel so special for being included in your big day, and can create a super inclusive atmosphere! Remember that this is YOUR day, and if having a smaller guest list means spending more time with the ones you love most, that’s a win!

You can also utilize your time to write handwritten cards to your guests, (because who doesn’t love a thank-you note) and truly mean everything you say when the cards are going to the ones you love most!


When having a smaller wedding, there is no reason to worry about making everything perfect for everyone else. You are able to really make the wedding exactly how you imagined since, remember, this is YOUR day!

Lots of freedom comes with a small wedding, that surely doesn’t make it less special or fun! If budget is not a concern, you can lavish your guests and create an amazing and unique atmosphere!

3. Smaller Price Tag

If your budget is a concern, a small wedding is definitely something to consider. We see the cost of weddings rise mostly when the guest list is growing. A smaller wedding could be super beneficial in cutting a budget.

McAlister-Leftwich offers different wedding packages for both elopement and intimate weddings that will suit any type of small wedding that you are looking for.

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