What’s Inspiring Us: Indoor Receptions

As the weather changes and it’s becoming colder (yay!), we are gearing up for many indoor receptions. And let me tell you, we are excited! With the cooler weather comes Thanksgiving and the holiday season, potential for snow (fingers crossed) and warm nights at home. The one word that all of those things have in common? Cozy. You know the feeling… you feel at home, you feel warm, your heart is happy. That’s what cozy is to us.

When planning a winter wedding, it’s truly a dream because you can focus on the light and fresh feeling of a crisp winter day while transitioning into a warm and cozy night of celebration. You get the best of both worlds!

Our Gant room offers the perfect space for your reception. Holding up to 100 guests, it can be transformed into your dream winter wedding by adding gorgeous florals or kept simple. The historic elements really speak for themselves.

Lindley Battle Photography

Beyond using Gant for your reception, Leftwich House is an incredible space to bring in your favorite cocktails or coffee drinks and some gorgeous soft seating! With a fireplace in each room in Leftwich, you can really cozy up each room. Look at how beautiful this coffee bar is in Dixon!

As you’re planning your winter wedding, know that we have a space for you and we’d be honored to be the backdrop for your special day!

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