Venue Tour:The McAlister House

If you’ve been around for a bit you know that McAlister-Leftwich House is steeped in history. Today, we are going to take a look at McAlister House. Known as Gant-McAlister House, it was built in 1915 for the Gant family who lived there for 31 years! I mean, can you imagine living in such a beautiful home?! Once the family moved out, they gifted the house to First Presbyterian. When it no longer suited the needs of the church, Anne Carlson saved the home and moved it to its current home, 507 N Church Street.

Over the years, the home has hosted many families and organizations. All the while, suiting their needs at the time. In 2016 it was spotted by its current owners, Kaitlin & Clay Holland and Cheryl Briley. They bought it and restored it to its original beauty for you and your family to share in!

McAlister House is composed of three stories. The first story is the Gant room. This room is our largest indoor room. It houses both ceremonies and receptions for up to 100 people. We love this room because it has two indoor ceremony options, facing the fireplace and the bay window, and can also hold many different floor plans for receptions. The beauty of this room is that it feels warm and inviting for many sizes of both ceremonies and receptions. Unlike large lofts or industrial spaces, you can have both larger celebrations and smaller celebrations in Gant and it feels like the perfect fit.

Hayley Gatsiger Photography

The second story of McAlister is our Bridal Suite. It is one of our favorite offerings for your day! No need to stress about finding a second location to get ready, get ready on site and relax! In our Bridal Suite we have a Dressing Room, Hair and Makeup Room, Sitting Room, and Dining Room. We love that we are able to offer all of these different spaces for you and your bridal party!

Finally, on the third floor we have our Groom’s Suite complete with its own private entrance! No need to stress about crossing paths with your groom on the day of your wedding. The Groom’s Suite has a TV if your groom’s favorite team is playing that day, a poker set to keep everyone entertained, and everyone’s favorite, a putting green to calm the nerves!

What is your favorite part of McAlister House? It’s history? The Bridal and Groom’s Suites? Or maybe it’s the Gant room and its versatility? Honestly, we love it all!

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