Tips for Getting Hitched in a Hurry

All weddings whether big or small, local or destination, traditional or eclectic, serve as the first step of a bigger goal: a loving marriage. At Pop of Love, we are committed to planning intimate and meaningful events that reflect a couple’s personal style and interests. We are an all-inclusive elopement company that covers every ceremony detail from the photography to the officiant to the florals. Our goal is to reframe wedding planning for our clients to create a stress-free environment, so when they look back on the entire process it is only full of happy memories!

After planning countless intimate weddings from Maine to California, we’ve developed a few tips to help plan the perfect elopement in six months or less!

1. Permits + Paperwork

Probably the least amount of fun, but the most important detail is the paperwork! It is extremely important for you to understand what is required to obtain your marriage license, and other necessary paperwork needed for your nuptials. Requirements vary state by state, and information is not always readily available online, so I always advise our couples to triple check what is needed. In addition, other permits may be needed depending on where your ceremony takes place. Parks and other public areas often require permits that are needed a certain amount of time in advance. I once had a couple who wanted to wed inside of Joshua Tree National Park only to find out the park gives out five permits per day and they often sell out quickly! Luckily the day they requested was still available, but that was a lesson to be learned.


2. Incorporate Personal Details

The idea that you won’t be able to make your wedding personal is another common misconception about “elopements.” In my opinion, it can be more personal than ever! Without all of the added stress of organizing a massive event, you have time to really consider what is important to you and your fiancè. Is it a certain song you’d like to walk down the aisle to? A certain flower you’d like to include in your bouquet? We once had a couple that wanted their guests to be greeted with the traditional New Orleans dessert, beignets! This was such a crowd pleaser, and allowed guest a little “taste” of the city where the wedding was taking place. We encourage all of our clients to focus on the personal details that showcase how they are as a couple!


3. Weekdays Work Well

Most elopement clients will say the biggest deciding factor for choosing a small wedding is the low cost. When couples choose to marry on a weekday, it takes away the need to compete with large scale events that typically occur on the weekend. Therefor vendors including the venue, florist, and photographer are able to offer much better pricing structures. Also, if you get married on a Thursday, you will have the entire weekend to enjoy the city with visiting guests or jet set on your honeymoon right away!


4. Invite Friends + Family

At Pop of Love, we allow up to 30 guests to attend your wedding ceremony. We have found this is the perfect amount of guests for intimate ceremony seating as well as an abundance of availability for private dinners following the ceremony. Thirty people usually can encompass your closest family and friends, and this creates the perfect atmosphere for an intimate celebration!

5. Celebrations Can Be Big, Even If Your Wedding Is Small

This is my absolute favorite tip! Elopements no longer mean sneaking away to the courthouse with just you and your beau. You can now have a beautiful and detailed event, even with a small amount of guests! A champagne toast, a string quartet, and thoughtful decor are small details that can make a large impact on your wedding day!

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