Planning an Outdoor Wedding

It’s only January, but you may be planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding for the spring, summer, or fall. And let me tell you, we LOVE outdoor weddings and think that they are a beautiful way to make your wedding unique and unforgettable! Because of that, we made a list of some must-haves that you may not have thought of to enhance your day that much more!


Having good lighting not only allows the couple and their guests to see each other when it gets dark, but is a great opportunity to enhance the mood of the wedding. Using lighting as decor can add a whole new dimension to your outdoor wedding experience!


Because you are planning your wedding pretty far in advance, it is really hard to know exactly what the weather will be. At McAlister-Leftwich, we aim to be flexible and have a beautiful indoor space as a back-up! Going for a tent could also be an option and keep the wedding outside!


No matter the time of year, making sure your guests are comfortable is key. Personal fans are a fun way to keep guests cooled off and even use it to recognize the couple or wedding party on it!

Ultimately, outdoor weddings are surely a win for us, and something you and your wedding party will love too!

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