Meet Our Staff: Event Staff

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our incredible McAlister-Leftwich Venue Hosts. Today, we are going to introduce you to the rest of our incredible team, our Event Staff! The Event Staff does all of the behind the scenes work to make sure your day is perfect. They set up chairs and tables, flip spaces, tear down events, are security, help with parking… they do it all! We are so thankful for the work the do each and every event!


DeMarrius has been with us for the past three years. Over the years he’s done it all, parking, set up, tear down, and security. DeMarrius is always willing to be a team player and do whatever it takes to make our clients and their guests feel special. He loves being able to work with the other McAlister-Leftwich House staff! When he’s not with us, he’s reading and playing sports.


Stewart is a long time member of the McAlister-Leftwich team. He’s been here since spring of 2019 and has helped in every way possible. He goes above and beyond to ensure the venue is perfect for every event. Stewart loves to interact with the guests and make them feel at home. When he is not working at McAlister-Leftwich he loves to go out to eat at local restaurants in the area.


Josiah is one of the newest member to our team. While he’s new, he has made an impact here at McAlister-Leftwich! He works as security at events and loves speaking with guests as they arrive at the venue. Josiah loves to fly fish in his spare time. We are so thankful for what he brings to the venue staff!

These three guys work hard to ensure that each event is flawless. They are often unseen, but their work is essential to making any event work. We are lucky to have them at McAlister-Leftwich!

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