Karen & Jake’s Wedding Day

We were honored to be a small part of Karen & Jake’s love story and their wedding day! They were such a joy to have as clients and will forever be a part of the McAlister-Leftwich Family! Let’s take a look back at their gorgeous day!

Karen and Jake started their day in the Bridal & Groom’s Suites to get ready, eat, enjoy time with their loved ones and relax! The two were able to relax knowing they were already at their wedding ceremony location and not feel like they had to rush around the morning of their wedding!

Their first look was at the bottom of the stairs in McAlister that lead from the Gant room up into the Bridal Suite. It was a special moment between the two of them and Karen was just beautiful walking down the stairs to her groom!

The couple chose to have their ceremony in Dixon room. It was the perfect spot for their intimate ceremony! They had the most unique aisle with flowers wrapping around the whole room. Everyone felt the love!

The reception took place outside. They ate, danced and celebrated with their loved ones on the front lawn and it was nothing short of magical!

Congratulations Karen & Jake! We are thrilled for y’all!

Photography by Katie Garner

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