Four Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Loved

While there’s no way to make everyone who attends your wedding happy all of the time, there are some simple, yet powerful, things you can do to make your guests feel loved. Whether they are a close friend/family member or a distant relative you’ve met once before in your life, incorporate these things into your wedding day and you’ll make each person feel seen and appreciated.

Place Cards at the Dinner Table

There’s something about seeing your name at a plate that shows the host thought of you, planned for you, and is excited you are there. There are so many ways to incorporate place cards into your tabletop design – from traditional tented cards to using a creative surface/object. No matter which route you go, you’ll make your guests feel like they have a place and belong!

Hand-Written Notes

At my own wedding, my husband and I wrote a hand-written note to every person/family that attended our wedding. We had them displayed in a catalog file adorned in flowers at the entrance of the ceremony. As guests entered, they grabbed their note that let them know we were so excited they were there to celebrate with us! It was a great way to incorporate some more meaningful words for those we were closest with right before they saw us become husband and wife. I’m not going to lie to you – it was a big undertaking! But well worth it in the end. (And no, these didn’t take the place of thank you notes for the gifts!)

Thoughtful Favors

When you’re thinking through your wedding budget it might be tempting to cut out favors for your guests, but I urge you not to. Yes, the day is a celebration of your love, but remember that your guests have traveled, secured childcare, taken time off work, paid for hotels, bought gifts, and any other number of sacrifices in both time and money. I doubt they expect anything in return other than a beautiful celebration and a warm meal, but giving them a small gift at the end of the evening shows that you appreciate all that they did to make the effort to be there with you. And it’s something for them to use/enjoy after the wedding, which will remind them of your joyful celebration!

Speaking to Each Guest

It’s hard, I know. Especially when you have a large wedding! But do your best to make your rounds and say “hello” to each person who came to celebrate you, if you can. Whether that be through a receiving line or going table to table during dinner, actually looking people in the eye and thanking them for being there goes such a long way!

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