Fall Tabletop Inspiration

At the beginning of a new season, there’s always a chance to usher it into our homes, gatherings, and celebrations. It doesn’t have to happen all at once, but it can be gradual and slow, just as a season transitions in nature. You don’t immediately need to do all the autumn things at once. You can welcome the fall season in while transitioning out of summer, and being somewhere in the middle is a beautiful place to be. Honestly, when I began planning this tabletop design I thought I would give you inspiration for a fall tabletop. But as I began sourcing and pulling pieces for it, I was drawn to more of what I call a “transitional fall tabletop” – something in between, right where we Southerners find ourselves.

Blue and white can work with any season, in my opinion. It’s classically Southern and the perfect way to mix old and new, and it always feels cohesive, no matter how eclectic. The warm tones of the gold flatware (and how cute are those little branch dessert forks/spoons?!), the natural element of the woven charger, the touches or rust/orange in the flowers, and the darker grounding elements of the glassware and taper candles make this feel more moody than how I would style a tabletop for summer. However, it definitely has elements I love for summer: white/gold/floral china, blue and white vases (which feel exceptionally summer-y to me!), and light greens. But all together, it creates a beautiful tabletop look to take you from summer into fall!

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