Creating Private Moments During Your Wedding Day

At McAlister-Leftwich House, we’ve seen many types of weddings. Large or small, brunch or black tie… they all have one thing in common; the couple celebrating their love and commitment to one another. We love seeing their dreams come to life and their ability to enjoy what they have been working so hard to plan. While planning a wedding, it’s as much as your guest experience as it is your own. However, it is YOUR wedding day. How can you feel centered when the day is such a whirlwind? The simple answer is this, spend one on one time with your partner. Today we’re giving three tips on how to ensure you and your new bride or groom have time carved out for yourselves.

Private Vows

Did you do them or are you planning on it? We’re seeing them more often and we simply love them. Following their first look, couples exchange vows just for the two of them to hear. While we don’t hear them, we’re confident the words they speak are laying the groundwork for the legacy they are now building together. What an honor and joy it is to be part of the day you’ll always remember!

Sneak Away Post Ceremony

As soon as you walk down the aisle, have a space planned for five uninterrupted minutes with just the two of you to soak in the moment. Have your photographer, maid of honor, or best man ensure no one interrupts you. Having this time to take in the moment is something you’ll never regret, nor forget.

Private Dinner

We are happy to be able to offer this option for couples. Being able to sneak away to a private spot for dinner allows a few things. First, it ensures you eat! It’s so easy to be pulled in a million directions during dinner. Having dinner in a private area makes sure no one interrupts you! It also allows you to take a beat before you party the night away! You’ve had a long day and you’re about to have a long night. Take some time to relax, rest up and enjoy the time just the two of you!

We hope these tips help you create a day that works for you as a couple! Allow yourself the time and space to ENJOY the day! Which tip is your favorite?

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Photography: Liz Grogan Photography

Florals: Joneswell Flowers

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