Ceremony Options at McAlister-Leftwich House

Here at McAlister-Leftwich House, we strive to offer many ceremony spaces for you and your loved ones. But we know, when deciding where to get married, there are a million questions running through your mind. How big is the space? Does the space fit our aesthetic? Do we want to get married inside or outside? But, at the end of the day, you want the backdrop of your ceremony to be a reflection of your love for one another. That’s what we want, too!

At McAlister-Leftwich, we have six ceremony locations for you to choose from. Your decision will be based off of a few factors:

  1. Do you want to get married inside or outside?
  2. How many people will be attending your ceremony?
  3. What do you want as your backdrop for your ceremony?

By going through this list of simple questions, we will be able to help ensure you chose the perfect ceremony location!

Ceremony Locations

The Lawn in front of Leftwich House 

Hillary Muelleck Photography

One of our most popular outdoor ceremony spaces is the lawn in front of Leftwich House and you can see why. Between the historic doors, gorgeous windows, and endless opportunities to incorporate beautiful florals, it’s a no brainer. Couples have chosen to get married both at the foot of the stairs and at the top. Either one is beautiful!

What about the grand entrance? We get that question a lot. Our favorite entrance for the bride is from North Church Street. Using the stairs, the bride ascends into the ceremony space and all eyes are on her!

This particular location can hold up to 100 guests for a ceremony.

The Garden Nook

Hillary Muelleck

Nestled between both homes, the Garden Nook is an intimate ceremony location that can hold larger events. Why do we love this location? Just take a look at the way the two homes are featured in the back! They don’t take away from your moment, but enhance it. You can add a beautiful floral arch or leave it alone, you can’t go wrong.

Another reason this space is so special is because of the way your guests encircle you as you say your vows. Another way this location feels intimate while holding many guests.

The Tree Line

Thalia Villarosa Photography

A space that is an unsung hero here at McAlister-Leftwich is the Tree Line! You have the best of both worlds, you look like you’re in a beautiful wooded area while being miles from downtown! Similar to the Garden Nook, this location is perfect for larger events. 

Coming from the stairs of Leftwich, the bride will make a beautiful entrance and walk down this intimate and simple aisle. We just love the simplicity of this ceremony space. 

Dixon Room

By far one of our most popular ceremony locations is the Dixon Room. I mean, look at that bay window! This location is perfect for intimate events of 40 people or less.

This space not only holds this beautiful bay window, but it has a simple, yet stunning chandelier, a fireplace original to the home, and 14 ft windows. The light that flows through this room is unreal! 

Gant Room facing the Fireplace

Kelsey Nelson Photography

The Gant room is our largest room in the venue. This room is used for both ceremonies and receptions. Holding up to 100 people, this room is the perfect location for an indoor ceremony if you have larger events. 

Ellie McKinney Photography

There are two options as to how the bride will enter the ceremony. The first is using the Bridal Suite stairs. This grand entrance is as elegant as it sounds! The other option is entering from our stunning connector hall. The black and white tile and natural light are the perfect backdrop for the bride as she enters her ceremony.

Gant Room facing the Bay Window

Another option for an indoor ceremony for larger events is in front of the bay window in the Gant room. Oh my, isn’t it beautiful? We’ve seen both simple and elaborate floral installations, a beautiful cross, and leaving it be. Each backdrop is perfect for your ceremony. That’s the beauty of this location, you can truly customize it to fit your vision. 

Ellie McKinney Photography

Entering through the back of the room down the Groom’s Suite Stairs (don’t worry, the groom won’t see the bride!), the bride’s entrance is simple and beautiful. 

We are proud to offer these six locations for you to use. We believe that each one honors the history and beauty of the space, as well as creates many options for you to bring your vision to life. What do you think? What is your favorite?

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