An Intimate Ceremony in Dixon Room

Something that we are happy to offer is space for many different guest counts. We have rooms and outdoor locations that are the perfect size for both 100 people or 30 people. Having a smaller room for 30 people or less creates an intimate feeling that you cannot get in a larger space! When you’re inviting a few of your nearest and dearest, you want them to feel the warmth of a space, not vast empty space. Dixon room is the perfect fit!

Live music is the perfect touch to a ceremony in Dixon. We will set the live musician right outside the doors to the room. It’s a great spot to give them enough space as well as feature their beautiful music.

An arch like this or a floral instal to frame the windows are two popular options for ceremony backdrops in Dixon. They both accent the space beautifully and bring the focus to the couple. The bridal party can either stand by the bride and groom or have seats reserved in the front row. That is all about preference and the size of your bridal party!

One benefit to an intimate ceremony can be an intimate reception! We LOVE the way these table are set up in a T formation. This really allows guests to talk with one another and the couple! How romantic is this!?

What is your favorite part of an intimate ceremony in Dixon?

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