Things Your Wedding Planner Does (That You Don’t Know About)

Today, we have Betsy of Rebecca Rose Events divulging things your wedding planner does that you don’t know about. We constantly talk about how important it is to have a planner (or at very least a coordinator) at your wedding, and this (crazy) list is just one of the many reasons why!

Goodness, we can tell you lots from almost 10 years of Rebecca Rose Events! Here are a few things your wedding planner could tackle on your wedding day that you won’t even know about.


Guest Requests

Your wedding planner knows your likes/dislikes, concerns and expectations, but your guests are much more unpredictable. Here are some typical guest requests we’ve handled behind the scenes:

“Excuse me, there aren’t enough seats at our table.”

Joe sent in for an RSVP of 1. When finalizing the seating chart no one planned for his new girlfriend, Sally, so the table is definitely short a person. No problem; we grab a chair, flatware, glassware, shift other place settings, and alert the catering team to the extra person. All this shuffling happens while making Sally feel comfortable, apologizing for the mistake, and attempting to keep Joe from getting kicked to the curb in this new relationship.

“Can you let the kitchen know I can’t eat this?”

Aunt Suzy had a bothersome skin rash that wouldn’t go away. She alerts us that she cannot consume any tree nuts, root vegetables, or gluten. She got her allergy test results last week so she didn’t include this with her RSVP. We simply alert the catering team and send someone racing to the store for gluten-free, root veggie-free, tree nut-free options for Aunt Suzy’s plate.

“Do you have ________.”

That blank represents everything from safety pins (#1 request), phone chargers, bobby pins, hair ties, men’s dress socks, fashion tape, wine wipes, band-aids, hairspray, pain relievers, to anything currently available on the shelves of a Walgreens. Lucky for your guests, your wedding planner has an emergency kit for almost anything that pops up!


Anemone Centerpiece at McAlister-Leftwich House | Greensboro, NC



Something will go wrong on your wedding day. Sometimes it’s little and sometimes it’s big. Relax and remember that’s why you’ve hired a pro! The best wedding planners will take care of things without you even knowing. Here are some stories of things that happened to us:

A vendor will be late

The band calls to say they are in traffic and cannot arrive until 30 minutes before the scheduled start (not the 5 hours originally planned). Don’t worry! We get a local sound crew to hold equipment and rework the timeline to extend cocktail hour/postpone band start. Other vendors and venue staff are on board with the new plan.

Afterward, the band calls and says traffic broke loose and now they’ll be there 1.5 hours early. They will load fast, skip dinner, and can play on the original timeline. We revert to the original plan, cancel the sound items on hold and alert all other vendors we are back to Plan A. No harm, no foul!

Relocating a wedding during a hurricane

Re-plan an entire wedding in less than a week- no problem! Read the full story about how we made it happen with the best team ever.

Emergency lights really kill a party

Two new parents haven’t seen their friends since their new baby arrived. A friend’s wedding is perfect baby-free time. Except they don’t realize they can’t party like they used to (when sleep was abundant). They both end up in the bathroom, spitting up way more than their newborn. We assist them and arrange a safe ride home. While awaiting a ride, Dad falls, can’t stand, and is slurring his words. We call an ambulance 15 minutes before the newly married couple is departing with sparklers and a beautiful vintage car. We change the couple’s exit plan to a different door and position a team member to intersect the ambulance before racing in with flashing lights and sirens.   The couple leaves in bliss and the new parents ride safely to the hospital before returning home.


Anemone Centerpiece at McAlister-Leftwich House | Greensboro, NC


These crazy stories are only a few examples of what your wedding planner may do for you. An investment in a wedding planner is an investment in your enjoyment throughout the process and on the wedding day… and we can promise you’ll get the best post-wedding stories ever!


What your wedding planner REALLY does! With Rebecca Rose Events, North Carolina wedding planner & designer

Photography: Jake & Heather | Design & Planning: Rebecca Rose Events | Venue: McAlister-Leftwich House

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