Small Business Highlight: Moonlight Furniture Renewal

We are back with another Small Business Highlight! This week, we’re featuring Tamara Mundy of Moonlight Furniture Renewal located in Greensboro, NC. Tamara brings new life to beautiful old pieces of furniture, something I (Kaitlin) especially love with my past of owning a vintage rental company! We are so grateful to have one of Tamara’s beautiful pieces in the Bridal Suite (pictured above!). Grab a cup of something warm and enjoy getting to know this sweet creative business owner!


Tamara, thank you for joining our Small Business series! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am originally from Salem, VA, and graduated from Roanoke College in 2009 with a degree in Psychology. I married my best friend a few weeks after graduation and moved to Raleigh, NC. My original plan had been to pursue teaching or a masters in counseling, but neither of those options felt right for me. It seemed I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up! So I worked in retail and sales while we lived in Raleigh. We were there for three years before moving to Greensboro with about 30 other people from The Summit Church, to plant Mercy Hill Church. It has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and a truly rewarding experience! My husband and I will be married for ten years this May and have two girls (four and three) and one baby boy who was actually born on my youngest daughter’s birthday in October.


Small business feature in Greensboro, NC venue, McAlister-Leftwich House


How long have you been in business? How did you find your love for bringing new life to old furniture?

I have been in business a little over two years now. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business but had no idea where to start. A sweet friend (Kelly Hovis) encouraged me to figure out what I enjoy doing and start there. For me, that translated to furniture. Trips to the antique store were already a regular part of my life. I have always loved old furniture and the stories I imagine they could tell.

I had refinished a few family heirlooms for our own home when I came across two midcentury modern side tables at a yard sale. I had no reason to buy them, definitely didn’t need them, but loved how they looked. I just couldn’t walk away without getting them! I brought them home, cleaned them up, added some paint, and sold them. What a transformation! I loved the idea of giving these “forgotten” pieces new life. Next thing you know, I’m rescuing furniture off the side of the road and scouring Craigslist for unwanted pieces. Eventually, all of this evolved into Moonlight Furniture Renewal.


Navy furniture renewal in Greensboro, NC


What is your favorite part of your process?

I obviously love when I can step back and look at a finished piece. But my favorite part of the process is when I’m actually putting the hardware back on. It reminds me of when you’re getting ready for a night out – your hair is done, makeup is done, and then you put your jewelry on and the whole outfit comes perfectly together.


What is your favorite piece to date?

My favorite piece would have to be the midcentury modern dresser with the white casing and wood stained drawers (pictured below). I love when I get the opportunity to expose the natural beauty of a piece. Anytime I get to work with wood grain and stains, these tend to be my favorite projects.


Midcentury modern dresser by Greensboro, NC business Moonlight Furniture Renewal


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tamara! To stay up to date with her upcoming transformations, follow Moonlight Furniture Renewal on Facebook or Instagram.


Photo2: Jenna Jordan | Photo 4: Amanda Castle

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