Galentine’s Floral Centerpiece Workshop

Last week we hosted our first Galentine’s event and it was such a fun evening! Andraya of Flora Wedding & Event Flowers came and taught a hands-on centerpiece workshop. Women came from all over the Triad to spend time with their friends, learn all about flowers and composition, and create their own arrangements!

The ladies arrived and we sipped wine and ate yummy bites like tuna tartare and mini chocolate tortes by 1618 On Location. It was so fun to not only hang out with old friends but to meet new ones as well! After eating and drinking we headed into Dixon for floral instruction by Andraya. She taught us all about the various flowers and how to create beautiful compositions within our own arrangements. Andraya then did a demo so we could see and hear her exact thought process as she made her centerpiece. It’s so interesting to get inside the mind of an artist who is amazing at their craft! If you have a chance to learn from Andraya, we highly recommend it. She makes floral design so fun (and funny)! (Also, earlier that day AJ Dunlap came to capture this exact step-by-step so we could share it with all of you on the blog! Stay tuned for that post in the next week or two.) After that everyone was off to the races and began pulling flowers and arranging their own centerpiece!

It was so much fun to see all of the variety in the arrangements the ladies created. Some were more bold, while others remained neutral, some were wild and organic and others were tight. To think they all started with the same product!

We also had the sweet treat of having Kelly Hovis, Greensboro-based artist, here to do a live painting of a centerpiece. At the end of the night, we did a random drawing and sent it home with one lucky lady!

AJ’s photos and the tutorial from Andraya will be on the blog soon, but until then here¬†are some iPhone snaps of our time together!

We are so excited to offer monthly classes, workshops, and events for the community! If you have an idea for a type of gathering you’d like to attend or you have something you’d like to teach, reach out to us. We love to connect with Greensboro and Triad professionals as well as welcome in the community. We hope you feel at home here at the McAlister-Leftwich House!

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