Friday Introductions: Meet Andraya Northrup

We are back with our final installment of the McAlister-Leftwich Friday Introductions! (In case you missed it, meet Kaitlin, Cheryl & Katie). Today is a special one because we recently announced her partnership at the venue as our new In-House Florist (see the announcement post)! We’re eager for you to get to know the lady behind the flowers, Andraya Northrup of Flora Wedding & Event Flowers!


Andraya, we are so excited to announce your role as our In-House Florist! For those who may be wondering, what does that entail?

I will have the pleasure of working with brides and grooms from the days of initial flower dreams to executing the final wedding day design. Each couple and wedding is unique, hence I will work closely with each couple to come up with a floral design that fits their overall event vision, enhance the existing character and beauty of McAlister-Leftwich House, and honor the bride and groom’s unique taste! Being the In-House Florist means I know this beautiful venue inside and out so couples can trust that I will be able to work with their floral budget to make the most thoughtful and beautiful impact from bouquets to centerpieces and beyond! (Please note, Andraya will continue to serve other clients in Greensboro, Charleston & beyond!)


Centerpiece inspiration at North Carolina Venue


What is your favorite part of designing for weddings?

Goodness, I know I can’t say every part, but sometimes that’s how I feel! I always love putting together the inspiration board in our initial design proposals because I feel like it gives the brides a chance to really visualize what beauty we are capable of bringing to life that day. When it comes to the week of the event, I’d definitely say that designing the bride’s bouquet always feels so special. What an honor it is to hand make something that the bride carries with her on her most important day!


Bridal bouquet inspiration at North Carolina venue


What is your favorite room in McAlister-Leftwich?

Hands down, the Dixon room is my absolute favorite. Those tall ceilings, the fireplace, and that stunning bay window… it just doesn’t get any more romantic.


In-House Florist at McAlister-Leftwich House


When you’re not creating floral magic how do you spend your time?

When I’m not surrounded by flowers, you can typically find me running around Greensboro with my two year old daughter and my college sweetheart husband, going on family walks in Lindley Park, living life with our amazing church community, getting a massage (my guilty pleasure), or snuggling up on the couch with a glass of cabernet to watch whatever show we happen to be hooked on at the moment.


Photo 1 & 2: A.J. Dunlap Photography | Photo 2: Blue Barn Photography | Photo 3: Love, The Nelsons Photography

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