Details to have in your Bridal Bag with North Carolina Film Photographer, Hillary Muelleck

Written by Hillary Muelleck, Wedding Film Photographer in North Carolina


Ever wonder how couples get all those beautiful detail photos of their wedding invitation, rings, shoes, etc.? Well let me tell ya, this is something that prepped way in advance before the wedding day.

The secret is a… Bridal Bag!

This bag contains all your details that you’ll be wearing, in addition to other details that help tell the story of your day. It helps to have all these things together in a bag or box ready to give to your photographer as soon as they arrive to your getting ready location.

I’m going to give you examples of things to have in your bridal bag that you’ll want photos of!


Provide a crisp copy of your full invitation suite. This includes every paper good that you sent out to your guests for your wedding. If you are using a calligrapher, ask them to address an envelope to be used for photos (that wasn’t sent through the mail). Using special stamps for mailing? Bring extras and put them in your bridal bag. Did you get a custom wax seal designed? Provide the stamp and the wax seals. And if the invitation was delivered with ribbon or any other elements, include those as well!


Include both wedding bands AND your engagement ring. Are you also wearing a family heirloom ring? Put that in with your other rings if you want them photographed.


Include your shoes that you’ll be wearing with your dress. Are you wearing a different pair of shoes later in the day? Include those too!


In addition to wedding rings, you may be wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Provide all jewelry.


If you and your fiance have written you own vows, write them in vow books and put them in your bridal bag to be photographed.


Your wedding dress won’t be put into a bag, but it is important to have it prepped and ready to be photographed with everything in your bridal bag. Take out the cardboard bodice and all the tissue paper. Ditch the plastic hanger and replace it with a beautiful metal or wooden hanger. Do the same with your bridesmaid dresses if you want those photographed.


Ask your florist to bring your bridal bouquet and an extra vase of loose blooms and sprigs to your getting ready location. I love photographing the dress with the bouquet and also using the extra blooms for styling your smaller details.


There are lots of extra things you could add to your bridal bag that are special and personal to you. These items could be your perfume bottle from the perfume you are wearing, an heirloom handkerchief, a small clutch/purse, or any other details that are unique to you.

Start getting all these items together about a month before your wedding day so that you can make the most of your detail photos!


Detail shots...what to have in your bridal bag to set your wedding photographer up for success! With North Carolina Film Photographer, Hillary Muelleck

Venue: McAlister Leftwich House | Photographer: Hillary Muelleck | Floral and Event Design: Eliana Nunes Floral Design | Models: Directions USA | Paper Goods and Calligraphy: Piachella Calligraphy | Linens, Plates, Glasses, and Flatware: Party Reflections Greensboro | Dress, Veil, Hair Piece: Dashing Dames | Hair and Makeup: Blush and Bobby’s | Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: L. Priori Jewelry | Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Styling Fabric: Silk and Willow | Film Lab: Photovision Prints

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